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Local Economy

  • Stop TIFing everything – TIFs are backdoor property tax hikes. If used, they should only address blighted areas, not prime real estate, and funds should stay in the community, not be given to billion-dollar corporations.

  • Fill empty buildings with local businesses, restaurants

  • Support and promote small, local business

  • Properly fund social services – ROI would pay for itself many times over


  • Build affordable housing, perhaps using an 80/20 model

  • Craft stronger renter protections to combat slumlords

  • Form civilian housing board to address issues / grievances

  • Champion housing co-operatives in the city

  • Start Community Land Bank with right of first refusal to local nonprofits and co-ops

  • Assist residents in repairing dilapidated housing

  • Commit to Ending Homelessness — if it’s not a goal, it will never be achieved



  • Outlaw self-dealing. Elected officials must stop enriching themselves and their friends with city contracts. You cannot impartially represent the community running both sides of an agreement

  • Pass campaign contribution cap for individuals and businesses who have done business with the city

  • Ensure advisory boards and committees have qualifications and reflect the diversity of the city, not political appointees

  • Challenge candidates to properly complete the Statement of Economic Interests form when running. This form is required and many of our current elected officials simply leave them blank



  • Host more community events on the west side

  • Build mutual aid network – Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  • Pass Welcoming Cities Ordinance / One Aurora Ordinance

  • Pass Peace Book Ordinance — speaking with gangs and being more involved in communities that need more resources

  • Remove gang database

  • Facilitate block parties

  • Sponsor annual Pride Parade like all the others



  • Buy Union

  • Stand with striking workers

  • Support union formation / participation locally 

  • Require union labor in contracts, redevelopment agreements with the city



  • Communicate more with constituents via social media, email

  • Begin civic engagement campaign–holding monthly or quarterly local education on city government

  • Ensure that all contracts properly follow best practices, are bid out properly, and not given to cronies

  • Implement a real Citizens Review Board to oversee police misconduct, with actual power, not just advisory capacity

  • Overhaul City Website to better showcase services available to the public

  • Communicate more in Spanish

  • Broadcast all City Meetings and Committee Meetings on Facebook, YouTube

  • Move committee, advisory board meetings to the evening so more people can attend and participate

  • Require the Aurora CFO to give regular updates about the City financials

  • Review all large bills at City Council meetings

  • Engage community before implementing any big developments/changes (i.e. Hello Fresh, nearly closing West Branch Library)



  • Implement Participatory Budgeting – you help decide where we spend our tax dollars

  • Communicate more with constituents via social media, email

  • Send voter guide and sample ballot to all households

  • Update signature gathering rules, posting required signature thresholds publicly – right now this is all purposely opaque to keep regular people from running and winning

  • Survey residents regularly

  • Hold engaging, accessible ward meetings consistently

  • Host an open forum about the old Walmart. What do residents want to do with this space? A neighborhood market with many, different, local vendors? A hydroponic farm for fresh, local produce? A new big box store tenant? Green space? Etc.



  • Develop Climate Implementation Plan, putting Sustainability Plan into action

  • Create a Department of Sustainability, which could guide residents on weatherizing, installing solar panels, native gardening, purchasing electric vehicles, appliances, composting, rain barrels, recycling, etc.

  • Transition city fleet to electric using state and federal incentives

  • Protect citizens from polluting businesses by bringing them into compliance (i.e. Hello Fresh)

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